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August 12, 2007

I've been caught napping AGAIN!!

So here is a quick up date.

It's August already and I have the choice of three cars in the workshop to choose from. The modified is sitting in one corner still with last seasons "King of the Coast" clay coating it. The engine is out though, gone to Mid-West Motors to see if there are any more horses to be found. Glen has been spending a few $$$$$ and a bit of time with Emerson on a new project. So the Modified feels a little rejected/neglected.

Superstock 99 has had a bit of a tidy up in the bar work, and maybe will be the first one to the track for the coming season (if the second engine is ready in time).

The "new baby" to the team, a Pordjursky tank, is getting most of the time and all Emerson's $$$$$$$ spent on it to try to have it finished in time to start the season. Front end is complete - engine and radiator half mounted - rear-end a bit behind time (waiting on the axle to arrive). They tell me the seat and steering will be done soon, then I'll finally have somewhere comfortable to sit while I watch proceedings.

With lots of good contenders for the Glen Eagles team this season Emerson will be trying for a spot - not an easy task given all the interest/talent/machinery out there. He will have a new learning curve coming to grips with the tank - lots of track time will be needed.

One of Emerson's big meetings will be the Sth Island Champs at WG, and only time will tell if he goes to Wanganui for NZ's and which car will end up where.

Glen's main focus for his own racing will be Sth Islands also at WG and the Invasion at Easter. At this stage travel to the North Island to race is not being considered. He and partner Kylie have a "to do" list and racing away is not a priority at this time. They do however already have their plane tickets bought for the teams racing at Palmy. This event is definitely on their agenda. Leech Motorsport has been attending this meeting since the 01/02 season when Glen ran 'Godzilla' in support races (taking out third in the Manuwatu Champs and a new track lap record at the time).

He has been approached to do the job of tactician for the Glen Eagles for the coming season, a challenge he really enjoys as well as the involvement within a team environment.

So, both Emerson and Glen have their work cut out as they "multi task". As for me I'll find a warm spot, try to keep out of the way of welding sparks (it's not a good look for me - burn holes in the fur coat!!) and the flying spanners.

See you in the Spring


Pooey cat