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Meeting Three

50 lap streetcar race

Pooey cat

Wow what a night !! The leech motorsport team were kept well and truly on there toes last Saturday night. The 99c stockcar and pilot were in the mood for hitting anyone and everyone and hit they did. The first two races once again showed how strong the Gordge chassis really is (as if it hadn't been proven before) leaving other cars limping or being towed off the track. Probably the biggest hit of the night came when on the last lap of the race coming out of turn four the 99c stockcar stopped the rampaging 19c car of the red headed Maori (Malcolm Ngatai) into the wall preventing Malcolm from what was going to be a walk away win. Probably not a good night results wise for the stockcar team but we went away with the knowledge of having a car than can take a hit as well as being on the pace when it counts. After the chaos of getting the stockcar ready for race 2 the crew thought that all the work was done only to be called back to help on the 29c modified after an altercation with the 19c car of Dave Rosewarne which bent the front axle and wrecked both shock absorbers and a lot of other damage but the team rallied and got the car ready for the ensuing races of the night. However controversy soured the last race of the night for the Modifieds as the race was shortened without any of the drivers or crews being advised. Needless to say that Glen was incensed on the arrival back in the pits afterwards as he was hot on the heels of the car of Mike Gourley and was lining up Mike for the pass when the race was finished early. Although it wasn't a championship meeting for the modifieds it still reflects on the overall points for the season. It was explained by the officials as basically a lack of communication which we hope won't happen again. The biggest cock up of the night however surely must go to Glen himself who on the last lap of the second race of the night thought that the white flag for the last lap was the checkered and slowed down but halfway through the lap realized that the race was still all go and managed to keep his third placing.



Race 1 1st 29c Murray Greig 2nd 5c Simon Phillips 3rd 19c Malcolm Ngatai

Race 2 1st 29c Murray Greig 2nd 11c Wayne Wilding 3rd 32c Mark Sangster

Race 3 1st 19c Malcolm Ngatai 2nd 29c Murray Greig 3rd 32c Mark Sangster


Race 1 1st 23c Stephen Crowe 2nd 4c Mike Gourlay 3rd 67c Nigel Nevin

Race 2 1st 4c Mike Gourlay 2nd 19c Dave Rosewarne 3rd 29c Glen Leech

Race 3 1st 4c Mike Gourlay 2nd 29c Glen Leech 3rd 23c Stephen Crowe

Pooey the cat