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Meeting Three

50 lap streetcar race

Pooey cat

Better late than never. Last weekends racing was red hot. The first heat of the saw a ding dong battle with the very rapid car of 19c Malcom Ngatai which managed to get up on Emerson to take the win but not with out a fight. We managed a second but only to be relegated to third for not making contact while passing another car. The second race was once again a battle with the red headed Maori but this time Emerson managed to box malcom up against the wall and slide by him to take the win. The final race was a bit of a mixed bag for the 99c Stockcar after starting of the front of the grid Emerson managed to spin the car up . Once he got the car back on track and being taken to the wall pretty hard by 32c Mark ( The gangster ) Sangster he managed to fight back for a creditable third place. The gordge chassis once again showing that it can take a hit and still live to race another day. With the Modifieds not running it gave Glen a chance to help with the set up of the stockcar which he managed to get sorted and made the car go around the corners really well. This weeks meeting will see the stockcars stand down but the Modified will be fired up for another attack at "The Glen". See ya there!!

Pooey the cat