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Meeting two

Fireworks extravaganza

Pooey cat

Well we finally got to run on Sunday after the meeting being called off because of the inclement weather on Saturday . Glen was back to his awesome best with two first places and a third which was a big change of fortune after last weeks meeting. So the stage has been set for what should be another good year for the 29c Modified. While Glen was driving at his best the same probably can't be said for Emerson in the 99c Stockcar. A couple of uncharacteristic spins seen Emerson put more pressure on himself than he really needed but he still managed to take three third places from three races. A few car changes should remedy most of the handling problems but the rest is up to Emerson who by his own admission had an absolute shocker. It is hard to see how the Modified class will pan out this season at "The Glen" with still a lot of cars missing but the Stockcars are already showing that it is not going to be one way traffic for any driver with at least six to eight cars that are really on the pace this year. All in all it was a pretty good night for Leech Motorsport and a lot more smiles coming from the team after the meeting. Our next meeting will be on the 9th of November but the modifieds will be standing down. See ya next week.

Pooey the cat