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Meeting one

Moller & Young trophy challenge

Pooey cat

What a night of mixed fortunes for Leech Motorsport. With both cars racing for trophies in the Moller and Young trophy challenge. The first heat of the night for the Modifieds saw Glen bend a valve in the opening laps and put him out for the rest meeting. The team had put a lot of effort into getting the Godzilla Harris ready for this meeting in time and their were a lot of gloomy faces in the pits when they found out what the problem was. However the spirits lifted when Emmerson in his first race of the season in the gordge stockcar took the checkered flag and maximum points. The second heat didn't go quite to plan but we did manage a third place which meant we were going into the final heat top on points and had the advantage of starting of the front row. After a couple of changes the car handled like a pig ( Emmersons call ) and after being spun up the 99c car managed to claw ( pardon the pun pooey cat ) it's way back to second place which put us first equal on points with Murray Greig. The ideal way to resolve this dilemma would be to have a run off but the decision was made with the toss of a coin which gave us the win. All in all a good night for the Stockcar team but not a good night for the Modified team but sure as pooey will have a rat for dinner tonight Glen will back harder and faster next meeting.